Sonic Temple
Sonic Temple
Dream Recording Studio Estate in Ferndale, CA




During the 60’s and 70’s it wasn’t uncommon for an artist to escape to a destination recording studio in order to make their next record. Places like Caribou Ranch, Bearsville, Indigo Ranch, and Compass Point provided a buffer from the music industry, as well as being a crucible for deeply focused creative work. Away from the hubbub and distractions of daily life, some of the most classic records in recorded history were made in these remote locales.  
   We live in an era when many of the storied recording studios have shut their doors, and great deal of the history of recorded music has been parted out and sold for scrap. The custom consoles, acoustically tuned spaces, tape machines, and curated collections of microphones and instruments have largely given way to spare bedrooms, laptops, and sample libraries. The Sonic Temple is a destination recording studio descended from this great lineage. Upholding the ideals of artistic and technical excellence, it’s a facility that truly has few rivals in the world.


The studio boasts an 11,000 sq. ft. footprint and every inch is wired for sound.

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The Sonic Temple SITS UPON a mountain SURROUNDED by 23 Beautiful Acres.

A private entry gate at the base of the mountain leads up a scenic, tree-lined drive. Only a three minute car ride, you’re likely to pass a deer or two in the meadow, meandering through the morning dew. As daylight passes through the countless Fir trees and rugged pines, it’s difficult to not be continually captured by its natural majesty.

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Nestled between the California Redwoods and fabled Lost Coast, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is a hidden oasis of small town charm, spectacular architecture, enchanting natural beauty and welcoming North Coast culture. With its fusion of old-fashioned Americana and modern quirkiness- and a scenic setting straight out of the movies - this small but thriving dairy town near Eureka, CA is the perfect destination. The unique balance of tranquility and awe-inspiring beauty of Ferndale make it a truly magical place to reside and create.